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Amal And George Clooney Having Twins To Save Marriage?

Are George and Amal Clooney having another set of twins to save their marriage? The latest iteration of that tired rumor has been published in a tabloid this week. 

According to the latest issue of NWthe movie star and human rights lawyer have been “locked in battle” over whether to have more children, with Amal supposedly wanted to expand the family and George disagreeing, apparently creating a “very touch and go” situation for their marriage.

However, the tabloid says, things are “back on track” as the couple are now allegedly expecting another set of twins. “It meant a lot to Amal and he can’t say no to her,” claims the tabloid’s “source.” “She new that if she worked on him enough, he’d end up thinking adding to their family was his idea.”

Another supposed source say that friends have noticed a potential baby bump while video chatting with Amal, “so the hot goss is that she’s preggers with twins.” This shady source goes on to say that “while George was hitting his usual whiskey or margarita, Amal was noticeably not drinking.”

This story is founded on a few different faulty assumptions: that Amal is pregnant again, that she wanted more kids while George didn’t, and that the Clooneys were experiencing marital problems.

None of these claims come with any evidence to back them up. First of all, that second shady source doesn’t even know for a fact that they’re expecting, they just claim to have seen Amal sporting a baby bump over video chat. Even if she were pregnant, there’s no reason to think it would be twins again. That source, if indeed they even exist, is totally unreliable.

Next, there’s the theory that Amal wants more children, which she has publicly said she doesn’t. When asked if she wanted to have more kids in an interview in 2017, she shook her head no, saying, “I’m 39… I already had them quite late.” She made it clear three years ago that she doesn’t intend to have more children, so why do tabloids like this one keep flat-out lying about it?

And then there’s that part about the supposed marital problems. Gossip Cop has debunked countless rumors about the Clooneys splitting up, and just as many phony stories about the couple having more kids to “save” their marriage.

George Clooney’s spokesperson has confirmed for us multiple times that both halves of that premise are false: the Clooneys are not having more children, nor is their marriage in need of saving.

This isn’t even the first time Gossip Cop has called out NW for pushing this specific false rumor. Just a few months ago, the tabloid published a suspiciously similar report claiming that George Clooney “saved” his marriage to Amal by agreeing to have a third child via IVF.

Can we seriously be expected to take this publication seriously when it publishes the same lie twice  within the space of just a few months?

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