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Angelina Jolie Made Heartbreaking Confession About Brad Pitt After Divorce

Angelina Jolie previously made a heartbreaking confession about her life years after she divorced Brad Pitt.

In 2016, the Hollywood A-listers shocked the entire world after they announced their decision to go their separate ways. Even though they are both doing well after their split, Jolie admitted that it was a struggle physically, emotionally, and mentally.

While speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, Jolie also said that her life became even more challenging in the last four years because of the surgeries she had to undergo.

“My body has been through a lot over the past decade, particularly the past four years, and I have both the visible and invisible scars to show for it. The invisible ones are harder to wrestle with.

Life takes many turns. Sometimes you get hurt, you see those you love in pain, and you can’t be as free and open as your spirit desires. It’s not new or old, but I do feel the blood returning to my body,” Jolie explained.

Luckily for the award-winning actress, she had the support of all six of her children during some of the most difficult times in her life.

Even though Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox went through a lot, Jolie still learned from their strength.

“As parents, we encourage our kids to embrace all that they are, and all that they know in their hearts to be right, and they look back at us and want the same for us,” Jolie said.

Meanwhile, one of Pitt and Jolie’s children is being linked to the “Ad Astra” star’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Woman’s Day recently claimed that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is moving in with her dad and the “Friends” star.

An unnamed source claimed that Pitt knows that Shiloh and Aniston get along really well that’s why he made the conscious effort for them to spend as much time as they could together.

“Jen’s basically adopted Shiloh as her own within a few months of truly knowing her,” the source said.

However, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only did Shiloh not move in with her dad, but there’s also no reason for her to hang out with Aniston. After all, Pitt and Aniston are not back together.

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