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Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Care About Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston’s SAG Awards Meet – True?

There was a lot of noise created around the meeting of ex couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the recently held SAG Awards 2020.

The two when met at the backstage of this gala event, were clicked together exchanging pleasantries and within no time, the pictures of the two were like hot selling cakes.

Further many waited to get a reaction from Brad Pitt’s ex wife Angelina Jolie. And now finally one of the leading portals has reported about The Maleficent actress’s reaction which was ‘Whatever’. 

As per news reports in Hollywoodlife.com, the actress has remained unfazed and least bothered of her ex husband meeting his ex wife. As per close source to the publication, the close was quoted saying, “Angelina doesn’t care about Jen and Brad’s reunion at the SAGs.

She already knew that they were friends and isn’t going to let it eat at her.” Source further added, “She’s moving on. She’s not going to let it sting.”

Yet another source of the mentioned publication also informed of the actress not looking for any drama and is busy concentrating on her kids and work.

“She doesn’t look for drama and is focused on her kids and her work. The rest of it is just noise,” quoted the source.


The pictures of the ex couple that hit the internet were nothing less than a treat for Brad and Jennifer’s fans.

Pictures had Brad looking dapper in a suit while Jennifer looking gorgeous in a white-silver gown, Brad was seen lightly holding onto Jennifer’s wrist as they met backstage.

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