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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ wedding event now out; What should players do?

Today marks the start of the love month for Animal Crossing New Horizons players as Reese and Cyrus officially arrive to kickstart the new event. The Animal Crossing New Horizons wedding event kicks off another opportunity to get amazing in-game goodies too.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons wedding event comes with the 1.20 update, and it will last through June 30. Players are still confused as to what they can do during this special occasion, but we’ve got the rundown on everything players need to know during this event.

How to begin

Upon logging in, players will see Isabelle talk about weddings during the day’s morning announcements. Upon getting on the island, players will be called by Harvey and will be asked to visit Photopia. If players have yet to meet Harvey, they will automatically meet him usually when the first new villager moves into the island.

Upon getting to Photopia, they’ll be meeting Cyrus and Reese, who will ask them for help with regards to their wedding photo. Cyrus and Reese are series staples who once ran the shop that allowed players to customize their furniture.

What to do

The Animal Crossing New Horizons wedding event is fairly simple. Reese and Cyrus will provide a theme for the players. Players will then have to create a photo shoot set for the couple’s wedding based on the theme. The theme will be different each day, and players will be given some items to help them decorate. Players can also use decoration sets from their own collection.

Players will be scored depending on how well the photo set goes well with the theme.

What are the rewards

Upon completing the challenge, players will be rewarded with a special exclusive currency called heart crystals. Sometimes, players will also receive special furniture from Reese and Cyrus.

The heart crystals can be used to be event-exclusive furniture, clothing, and more. Apart from the special wedding furniture that players can collect throughout the event, the items bought with heart crystals are a must for collectors.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons wedding event will be available every day starting now, and it will end on June 30. This is the last of the events on Nintendo’s current lineup, and it’s likely that we’ll be seeing the next event sometime this month. The developers could also unveil the next content updates for the game, which, according to datamines, are still plenty.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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