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Ben Affleck Having A Mid-Life Crisis?

Is Ben Affleck suffering from a mid-life crisis? A tabloid claims the actor is having a hard time dealing with getting older. 

In a recent article by In Touch, the tabloid alleges that Ben Affleck has been doing everything he can to look younger. The outlet says a few weeks ago, the actor was spotted sporting “darker hair” which is different from his usual “salt-and-pepper” look. “He’s having a hard time dealing with the idea of approaching 50,” a supposed source tells the outlet.

The so-called insider continues, “He’s having a full-on mid-life crisis. Even Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife, has picked up on it.” The outlet maintains that besides using Just For Men hair dye, Ben Affleck has also been getting regular spray tans, Botox injections, laser treatments on his face, and fillers as well. The paper further contended that the actor has ditched his “dad” clothes for a new trendier look.

“His team has asked him to lose the frat-guy look for a more A-list style, but he just doesn’t care,” the supposed source says. The magazine insists that Affleck is trying to prove himself to his girlfriend, Ana de Armas. “It’s all about acting cool in front of Ana.

When they first got together, having a young, gorgeous actress on his arm made him feel like a million dollars,” the dubious insider tells the publication. The unnamed source concludes the story by adding, “But now that he’s fallen for Ana, he’s terrified she’ll go running off with some cooler, more age-appropriate actor.”

Is Ben Affleck dying his hair and beard? Well, frankly, yeah, he might be. It's not uncommon for anyone to take extra care of their appearance in the early days of a relationship, so that's not very odd, especially considering the fact that he's an actor who might need to look a certain way for a role or audition. But the idea that Affleck may have changed his appearance due to a “mid-life” crisis is simply ridiculous. 

Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for the actor who confirmed the story is not true. This also wouldn’t be the first time the tabloids were wrong about the actor and his relationship with de Armas.

A week ago, Gossip Cop busted In Touch’s affiliate publication, the National Enquirer, for alleging that Ben Affleck was ignoring his children to be with Ana de Armas. 

The bogus story falsely claimed that Affleck’s three children with Jennifer Garner have been put in the “back seat.” The paper’s story was completely fabricated. Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for the actor, who assured us the story was false.

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