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Beyoncé CALLED OUT rapper Fabolous for comparing her to younger sister Solange? Find Out

Even though Beyoncé prefers staying away from controversies, she never shies away from standing up for what’s right. In a recent interview with radio show The Breakfast Club, rapper Fabolous revealed that Beyoncé once criticised his freestyle song lyric, in which he spoke about Queen B and her sister Solange.

In his 2010 track For the Money, which also features Nicki Minaj, the rapper says in one of the verses, “If you could have Beyoncé, would you take Solange?”

The Knowles sisters, who share a very close bond and support each other in everything, did not appreciate the comparison and Bey personally spoke with him about his lyrics. Recalling the meeting, Fabolous stated that the Single Ladies singer told him that the lyrics hurt.

He cleared that while singing the song, he did not realise how that comment affect people because he just wanted to say something catchy and metaphoric, but when Beyoncé confronted him, he promised her that he would apologise to Solange about his insensitive remarks, Just Jared reported.

He later ended up meeting Solange after his conversation with Bey and eventually got a chance to clear the air between them. He mentioned that when he meet the singer, she seemed very cold and stiff, but realising his mistake, the rapper took responsibility for his lyrics and apologised to her.

Reportedly, out of respect for the Knowles sisters, Fabolous did not spill any more details about his interaction with Beyoncé and Solange. However, this proves that the Beyoncé always has her sister’s back and does not appreciate people putting her down.

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