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Camilla Gives Prince Charles Ultimatum To Take Over The Throne — Be King Or Lose Me!

Queen Elizabeth II has been reigning the British throne for roughly 68 years now, which means her eldest son Prince Charles has been the "king in waiting" for the same span. He is even considered as the longest-serving heir at the age of 71. 

This also means that Prince Charles' future queen has been waiting for Queen Elizabeth II to retire so she could be crowned de facto queen consort. Although Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have only been part of the royal family for 15 years, it looks like Prince Charles' second wife could not wait any longer to be called queen. 


Ever since the coronavirus global pandemic hit the United Kingdom, members of the royal family have faced different challenges along with the health crisis. One of which is when the Prince of Wales tested positive for coronavirus and Queen Elizabeth II had to isolate in Windsor Castle. 

This led Prince William and wife Kate Middleton to step up and carry added royal duties. However, the idea of taking over the major roles reportedly did not sit well with the 72-year-old Duchess. 

According to sources of New Idea, Camilla thinks the Cambridges are stealing their thunder. In fact, she reportedly warned the 38-year-old Kate that she is not backing down and will do whatever it takes to get the crown. 


Moreover, an insider told the outlet that the Duchess of Cambridge has been secretly preparing to take over the crown before an official announcement. Camilla thinks this is an ultimate betrayal to Charles, who is the rightful next in line to the throne. 

This led Camilla to give Prince Charles an ultimatum to secure the kingship as soon as possible, or else she will be the one to let go. 

"She [Kate] revealed Charles had agreed to abdicate after a series of talks with his mother, which led Camilla to give her husband an ultimatum - she told him if he lets go of his chance to become king, he'll be letting go of her too," the insider said. 

"Charles [has to make] an extremely difficult decision and while he knows how much Camilla wants the chance to prove herself as queen, he also understands his mother's request and how allowing William and Kate to reign will reinstate public confidence and ensure the future of the monarchy at such a crucial time."

If the Duchess of Cornwall will be named as the next queen, she will get to enjoy a massive fortune left by Queen Elizabeth II. As per Forbes magazine, Her Majesty has an estimated net worth of $786 million in 2019 alone, and the figures are still adding up. 

Royal biographer and author of "...And What Do You Do?: What The Royal Family Don't Want You To Know," Norman Baker also claimed that Prince Charles will "secure a good deal" once the Queen passes away.

While the United Kingdom will have outpouring sorrow, the Prince of Wales will probably have a private negotiation with the treasury settlement for his reign. 

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