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Prince Charles, Princess Diana Reportedly Gave Sons ‘Best Of Both Worlds’

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage may not have worked, but the royal couple still made it a point to give their sons, Prince William and Prince Harry everything that they deserved.

In the Amazon Prime documentary “Royalty Up Close: The Photography of Kent Gavin,” former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth, Dickie Arbiter, said that the Princess of Wales used to take her sons to the high street.

“And they got the best of both worlds from their parents – Charles gave them hunting, fishing, shooting, and polo, and Diana gave them the high street,” he said.

Photographer Kent Gavin also revealed how competitive Princess Diana was. Years ago, she shocked everyone when she raced with the other mothers during Prince William’s sports day.

Everyone was shocked to see Princess Diana lining up and taking her shoes off to compete. And in the end, she won. As such, participating in a race during her sons’ sports day became a yearly tradition.

Gavin was able to snap some photos of the Princess of Wales running and trying her best to win. Patrick Jephson, former private secretary to Princess Diana, praised the photographer for capturing such beautiful images of the late royal.

“Kent was very good at recognizing the humorous angle to anything that was going on – and, of course, so was Diana! They had a great sense of humor and were able to use that to lighten a moment of otherwise rather intimidating tension,” he said.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana also made headlines this week after her former royal butler, Paul Burrell, shared one of her handwritten notes. In the letter, the Princess of Wales expressed how much she loves her sons and said that she hopes the seeds she planted will give them strength, knowledge, and stability in the future.

Burrell also uploaded a photo of Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry alongside the letter. He also said that the note is very timely amid Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s struggles.

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