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‘Crazy Delicious’ season 2: Is the show getting renewed?

Crazy Delicious finally dropped on Netflix in the U.S. after airing first in the U.K. The question here though is if it’s even going to get another season.

Netflix is known for housing a plethora of cooking competition shows. The newest addition to their already long list is Crazy Delicious.

Originally from Britain’s Channel 4, it’s another unusual take to the competitive cooking show as it leans heavily on the whimsy.

It first premiered back in January but on Wednesday, June 24, Netflix dropped the entire season 1 for the U.S. audience.

So far, the audience has mixed reactions to it. Is it really a good gimmick or is it too much?

What makes it different?

As noted on Netflix’s synopsis, Crazy Delicious is a competition show where “daring home chefs tempt the food gods with reinvented classics and fanciful feasts in their quest to win a golden apple.”

Hosting the show is Jayde Adams while at the panel of judges are Heston Blumenthal, Niklas Ekstedt and Carla Hall.

Now what makes the show different is that the contestants are whisked away to a magical forest. And it really is magical on its own as the ingredients are “grown” on trees and they must go out to “forage.”

Their challenges involve creating several dishes for the gods of the garden or the trio judges. First, they must come up with a unique concoction using a generic ingredient.

And then they must create something new out of a common dish like a pizza. The last stage is to totally re-conceptualize a type of meal.

The competitors must be crazily creative enough in working on the designs while making sure it’s tasty.

Will there be a season 2?

The show may be undeniably a fresh and whimsical idea, but is the show going to get more than six episodes?

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According to Bustle, it’s still to be known whether the forage-focused TV series will be renewed for the second season.

It’s also still too early to tell for now whether Netflix will renew it and give it a second run. Those who love the show don’t have to worry so much though.

It hasn’t been renewed but it hasn’t been canceled either. And if the critics’ reviews make an impact on the show’s future, then only time can tell if Netflix will renew or not.

Fans will have to continue to stay tuned to find out if they will see some more of the culinary utopia, surrounded by a garden where almost everything is edible.

All six episodes of Crazy Delicious is available to stream on Netflix.

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