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Selena Gomez Acclaims ‘Anyone’ Grammy Performance: Demi Lovato No Reaction?

Selena Gomez is an artist who definitely knows what an outstanding performance is. That’s why when Demi Lovato made her huge come-back by singing “Anyone” at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, Gomez was quick react, praising her friend’s stunning performance.

Unfortunately, there was reportedly no response from the “Camp Rock” actress.

The surge of emotions during Lovato’s performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards on Jan. 26 was overwhelming. Many were awed and dumbfounded —amazed beyond words, if others may say— of how the “Eurovision” star delivered her piece on-stage.

Lovato described that night, on her Instagram post, as unbelievable. It was her first time to be back on-stage after 2 years. The “Anyone” singer further told her social media followers that her performance was emotional for her.


At the end of her post, she thanked everyone for their love, support and for sharing that moment with her.

Gomez, astonished by Lovato’s emotional performance of “Anyone,” immediately took it to Instagram and extended a complement to her “Princess Protection Program” co-star.

On her Instagram story, the “Lose You To Love Me” singer described Lovato’s “Anyone” performance as “beautiful, inspirational and deserved. She said she was happy for Lovato and finally, thanked her for her courage and bravery,” Glamour reported.


It wasn’t only Gomez. There were other artists who reportedly commended Lovato’s “Anyone” performance. Fast-forward to few hours later, she shared the praises of other musicians, like Christina Aguilera and Sam Smith on her Instagram story Apparently, Gomez’s comment was not there, Cheat Sheet reported.

Many were quick to speculate that Lovato was deliberately ignoring Gomez. Let us, however, not jump into conclusions right away. It could’ve been deliberately done or was just a mere inadvertence —we won’t know. The aforesaid news outlet, notwithstanding, pointed out that when Gomez posted her comments, Lovato was not tagged.

Needless to say, Lovato and Gomez used to be really close friends but like any other friendships, there will come a time when friends would have to part ways or outgrow each other. The former “Barney & Friends” co-stars reconciled a few years after their fall out.

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