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Did Brad Pitt Propose To Jennifer Aniston?

Did Brad Pitt propose to Jennifer Aniston last year during a romantic dinner at her house? Of course he didn’t, but one tabloid last year insisted that story was true. 

At the end of May 2019, OK! published an article insisting that this time, finally, Pitt and Aniston were back together and that he had even proposed to her. “Jen and Brad have been through so much together,” one suspicious tipster told the outlet.

“They know that it’s going to be different this time.” The source claimed that the ex-spouses had reconnected after “sparks flew” between them when he attended her 50th birthday party. Pitt allegedly proposed to Aniston over dinner at her home in Los Angeles, and she “didn’t hesitate” in saying yes.

Like every other phony Pitt/Aniston reunion rumor, this one was entirely made up. As Gossip Cop pointed out, Pitt had laughed off rumors that he was getting back together with Aniston earlier that month.

Aniston, meanwhile, had stated in an interview that she was simply too busy with her work to date. Furthermore, spokespeople speaking on each actor’s behalf had confirmed multiple times to various media outlets that they would not be reuniting.

The passing year has only brought on more ridiculous rumors about Pitt and Aniston, with tabloid outlets like this one coming back every month or so to claim that, okay, now they’re back together for real.

During the holiday season, they made headlines again when Pitt attended Aniston’s tree trimming party, sparking yet more gossip. Even more rumors flew when they exchanged a brief, friendly hug at the SAG Awards in January as congratulations for their respective wins.

However, as reliable outlets like People confirmed, these moments were nothing more than signs of friendship.

A source speaking to the magazine explained that “they want nothing but happiness for each other” and that Aniston is “happy to have Brad back in her life as a friend, but that’s about it.”

None of these trustworthy reports have stopped OK! from continuing on with this ridiculous narrative. In January, the tabloid insisted that Aniston had met Pitt’s kids, a big step in their nonexistent relationship.

Aniston’s rep assured Gossip Cop that the story was bogus, together with additional reports form outlets like TMZ and People that confirmed the two stars were just “keeping it friendly.”

More recently, the gossip magazine wrote that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston would be doing a TV tell-all interview to discuss their relationship.

This time, the article admitted the stars weren’t back together – even though it had insisted they were just a few months earlier – but rather claimed they just wanted “to let fans know their friendship is solid.” Once again, Aniston’s spokesperson told us the story was nonsense.

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