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Donald, Melania Trump Lambasted After POTUS Brags About FLOTUS’ Modeling Career

Donald Trump and Melania Trump were lambasted by Twitter users after the POTUS bragged about his wife’s modeling career.

In 2016, the president took pride in the first lady’s previous profession as a model. Trump described Melania as one of the most successful supermodels. He also said that the POTUS was popular, brilliant and a wonderful woman.

However, several netizens disagreed. According to one user, the POTUS’ claim was “disgusting.” Some also said that Trump was only making another fantasy.


“Somebody should explain to him that saying something doesn’t make it true,” @pomsonfire commented.


“Oh my God! This guy lies and exaggerates about everything!” another added.


Due to Trump’s statement, several Twitter users also attacked Melania. Several mentioned the FLOTUS’ nude photos and called her a port star. Many also said they didn’t hear about Melania until Trump ran for president.

“Small boobs,fake face,bad clothing,and just pure ignorance,I dont care do you?please remember her jacket before you comment,” one wrote.


“None of us had ever even heard of her before. Including the modeling community. You know who knew of her? The escort community.  Just saying,” @ThemDems wrote·


In related news, Melania just made a raunchy confession about her husband. The first lady told CNN reporter Kate Bennett that her favorite part of the POTUS body is his beautiful, gorgeous legs.

Melania even described her husband the “sexiest man in the world.” The FLOTUS also described Trump “handsome” in one of his pictures.

The FLOTUS has also nothing but praises for Trump’s leadership. Melania was confident when it comes to her husband’s intelligence and skills in handling people. According to the first lady, Trump has what it takes to be an “ amazing president.”

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