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Meghan Markle Secret: THIS Proves Duchess Orchestrated Megxit EARLY ON, Used Prince Harry for Fame?

Meghan Markle totally prepared for the day that she'll be able to leave the UK and tell her story while being a royal. Did she imagine Megxit will take place right from the start?

According to a new report by Express UK, Meghan Markle already maintained a detailed diary of her everyday experience at the palace, to document every piece of her life as transitions from a mere aspiring actress to an actual princess, only to realize she would be a struggling duchess. 

The secret diary could reveal colorfully the struggles that Meghan faced in leaving behind her native Los Angeles life for a life in the palace. One of the people in Meghan Markle's close-knit circle reportedly told Mail Online that the former "Suits" star regularly add content to this diary to release her thoughts and feelings.

It will be a gold mine of juicy palace information, truly. And certainly handy for Meghan Markle to air her side of things. Considering that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now releasing a biography and a Lifetime TV movie, one could only surmise if the Duchess of Sussex made sure this day would come.

One can only wonder if she deliberately married Prince Harry because she only wanted to document how an ordinary actress can fare as a royal and one day chase the Hollywood dream she felt she abandoned.

If the diary were to be published, this could provide the public with unrestricted access to the monarchy's behind-the-scenes. "Fighting Freedom," the biography that will detail their lives leading up to Megxit, or the decision to step down from their senior royal roles, will even pale in comparison. 

The existence of this so-called diary already piqued the interest of royal author Andrew Morton. Princess Diana herself worked with Morton for her autobiography. Could this be Meghan Markle's ticket towards having an illustrious life as Princess Diana's? 

Morton claimed that Meghan Markle's relaying of thoughts and feelings on this diary should not be underestimated especially since she studied English and therefore, can write. 

"Remember she studied English in her first year at Northwestern College. For Meghan being able to share her own narrative would also not just be financially beneficial," Mr. Morton said. "She would have total control," he added. 

Before she even married Harry, Meghan's writing already has a following. She maintained her own lifestyle blog called "The Tig," which she closed down after her engagement. 

On the other hand, this could absolutely mean nothing. After all, people maintain diaries for a lot of reasons, one of which is to just have something to look back on one day. It is also impossible that the Palace would ever allow this diary to reach the global public and reveal all royal secrets.

Some reports claimed that "Finding Freedom" would be so in favor of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's side of things that the duchess is already clamoring for its release.

She cannot wait for it to hit the markets because she views it as something that can clear her reputation, which is quite tainted considering all the negative write ups about her, before and after Megxit.

She believes the book will be her saving grace, allowing people to see the "real" her, a vulnerable woman, who was unnecessarily attacked by the harsh UK media just for being an outsider married into the royal family.

As early as now though, just the idea of her and Prince Harry having a biography is already irksome for certain people. 

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