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Meghan Markle Selfish: Duchess Prioritizes THIS Over Prince Harry’s Mental Health

Despite repeated talks of Prince Harry's mental health issues concerning media intrusion, Meghan Markle doesn't seem to care.

The Duke of Sussex has been incredibly vocal about how the media has impacted his life over the years. 

Landing in Australia for his tour with Meghan in 2018, he told the small group of journalists, "Thanks for coming, even though you weren't invited."

One royal correspondent revealed that any engagement that the press is with him, "he just scowls at us." 

Prince Harry is reportedly "very tortured" that, "he can't hide his disdain. It's just so uncomfortable, and he has fury and venom in his eyes" when looking at any member of the press. 


Even before Meghan Markle came to the picture, Prince Harry has already hated the media. 

This is because of his late mother, Princess Diana, who suffered at the hands of the press. 

Before, Lady Diana Spencer was one of the most photographed women in the world since marrying Prince Charles. Though a lot of people admired her, there were a lot of drawbacks. 

She was often followed everywhere; paparazzi and reporters did everything they could just to get pictures of Princess Diana, and even when she's out with her two sons, they still wouldn't leave her alone. 

The press also had something to do with her death in 1997, as the paparazzi chased the car she was in, and later the car crashed into a tunnel.

Talking about Princess Diana's death, "I think being part of this family, in this role, in this job, every single time I see a camera, every single time I hear a click, every single time I see a flash, it takes me straight back, so in that respect it's the worst reminder of her life, as opposed to the best," he said.

Aside from that, Prince Harry was also criticized by the press following the years of his mother's death. The former wild child and party boy was in the headlines for drug abuse, partying and controversial behavior.

According to former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt, the Duke of Sussex always talked about being irritated with media coverage and had an unhealthy obsession with it that he would even read the comments beneath the articles online. 

He would reportedly take up issues with the correspondents from those papers when he met them. 

Because of everything that happened between him, his mother's death, and the media, Prince Harry sought counseling because they had always been severe issues for him. 

In January 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to step down as senior members of the royal family, to live a life away from the spotlight. 

They said they also want to raise their one-year-old son Archie away from the pressure of the media.


However, in April, they moved to Malibu, California, a paparazzi hotspot for celebrities. A place where the paparazzi never sleeps, and where media outlets have far more relaxed rules than how they do it in the UK. 

As the wife of someone who has admitted to struggling with mental health, you would imagine that the former "Suits" actress would be supportive of Prince Harry. 

If they wanted privacy, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could choose anywhere in the world, but they decided the Hollywood area. 

Prince Harry reportedly likes living in Frogmore Cottage, but Meghan Markle is tired of being in the UK. 

And as per reports, Prince Harry wants to give his wife everything just for her to be happy, "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets." He was only doing his job to be a loving husband. 

It was obvious that the Duchess of Sussex wasn't interested in a quiet and peaceful life. She wanted a life of all glitz and glamour, initially wanting the crown but without working hard.

Meghan isn't interested in being out of the limelight. 

She reportedly wants to be the center of attention, and she needs her Prince to complete her new life that will surely win her a couple of Hollywood roles, no matter how Prince Harry would feel about it as she always gets her way. 

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