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Ellen DeGeneres Losing Millions In Real Estate Due To The Pandemic?

Is Ellen DeGeneres losing millions due to the pandemic as one tabloid is alleging this week? Here’s what we’ve determined.

The latest story from In Touch looks like another example of the gossip media piling on DeGeneres after the talk show host got roasted on Twitter recently.

Over the years, DeGeneres has been a pretty successful house flipper, and the tabloid is using that success against her by claiming that she is facing a “cash crunch” and "scrambling to protect her fortune" amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The questionable article states that DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi have listed their mansion for $58 million after buying it from Adam Levine in 2017 for $45.5 million.

A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “She won’t get anywhere close to that. I’d be surprised if she gets $30 million.” This dubious unidentified tipster continues, “She’s feeling the house crunch big-time. And she has so much money tied up in these houses, she could go broke!”

It’s at that point that the tabloid’s phony report goes off the rails and makes digs at the comedienne that are very similar to allegations made against her on Twitter and elsewhere lately.

The outlet calls her “famous for being cheap,” with its "source" saying, “Maybe the prospect of losing millions on these investment properties caused her to take a hard line on her show,” referring to the claim that DeGeneres has replaced union workers on her show with a non-union crew as she continues to broadcast her daily talk show from a different home in California the couple own.

Of course, no bogus tabloid story would be complete without introducing some phony martial drama between Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. “[de Rossi] doesn’t understand Ellen’s obsession with money,” the supposed source claims, “it’s causing major issues in their relationship.” The tabloid “notes” that the “couple were already having problems.”

There are a lot of things to unpack here, so let’s start with these supposed “problems” in DeGeneres and de Rossi’s relationship. Simply put, it’s nonsense.

In fact, Gossip Cop debunked a claim by this very same tabloid all the way back in 2017 that claimed they were getting a “$360 million dollar divorce.” They weren’t getting divorced three years ago and they are still very much together today. The tabloid was clueless.

And speaking of questionable tabloid claims, in that story, the magazine alleged a $360 million dollar divorce. In this, the same outlet is maintaining that DeGeneres is facing a financial problems because, according to the “source,” she stands to lose, at worst, $15 million. Even if these numbers are true, DeGeneres and de Rossi would still be worth well over $300 million dollars. That doesn’t sound like financial straits to us.

Additionally, the tabloid provides zero evidence as to where they got the numbers. An article in Variety a few weeks ago reported that DeGeneres might be interested in selling the house.

It speculates that the house may be quietly on the market, though it does not appears to be publicly listed, as the tabloid story implies. It appears this article is where the numbers come from, but again, there is no public listing, so it’s impossible to verify. The whole story just reeks of falsehoods and dubious implications.

Going by In Touch’s terrible track record when reporting on Ellen DeGeneres makes it impossible to believe. For example, the outlet is still writing bogus articles claiming that DeGeneres and de Rossi are on the verge of breaking up.

In March, before the lockdown began, the unscrupulous publication claimed that de Rossi was moving out of this very home in Beverly Hills and moving into another one of couple’s houses in Montecito.

This was just another in a long line of false tabloid reports about the couple. In fact, both DeGeneres and de Rossi have been quarantining together in the house in Montecito.

The couple have often posted on social media together over the last few months, completely debunking the story, just as Gossip Cop has done time and time again. Readers shouldn’t rely on this magazine to report the facts.

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