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Fans figure out Archie’s birthday book was a gift from Oprah

The rumour mill seemingly went into overdrive on Wednesday, after Meghan Markle shared a video of herself reading a book to Archie, which appeared to contain a hidden message.

As the Duchess read aloud from the cute book “Duck! Rabbit!”, several eagle-eyed fans noticed that its cover contained a pale blue sticker, which read: "Archie's Book Club". 

Enthusiastic supporters were quick to comment on the mysterious sticker, with some speculating that it may have been a gift from a well-known celebrity.

As it turns out, the book, which Meghan read to help raise awareness for Save the Children’s Save with Stories campaign, may have been a gift from Oprah Winfrey.

Rumour has it the TV personality often gifts her close friend's children a set of “100 essential stories” that feature personalised stickers. 

What's more, recently unearthed footage from a 2018 interview on The Late, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, shows Mindy Kaling talking about how Oprah gave her daughter a similar gift.


“Oprah’s present to me was a hand carved bookcase packed with 100 if the essential books of all literature,” Mindy began.

“And each book was inscribed with a little sticker that said ‘Katherine’s Book Club’, like Oprah’s Book Club. And the shape of the bookcase was like and old-time castle,” she added.

On Wednesday, several fans even commented on Oprah’s generosity, with one person, writing: “The book they’re reading could be a gift from Oprah.”

A follow-up message added: “It has an 'Archie’s Book Club' sticker on the front and Oprah likes to give personalised 'book clubs' as a baby gift."

Meghan has been a supporter of Save the Children in the past, with the Oprah Winfrey Foundation reportedly donating $1.5 million to rebuild the Matau Primary School in Zimbabwe in 2011.

American actress Jennifer Garner, who launched the Save with Stories campaign in the US, also took to social media on Thursday to thank the Duchess for promoting the charity.

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