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First official photos of Luxembourg’s Prince Charles released

Luxembourg's royal family took to social media to share the first official photos of their newest addition, who was born early on Sunday.

Prince Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume looked to be sound asleep in the arms of his mum, the Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie.

Proud new dad Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg is seen dotingly looking on.

The images were take in their hospital room at the Maternity Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, the caption reveals.

The family released four new images, which included two posed shots by photographer Céline Maia.

The newborn is seen wearing a sweet blue onesie and sleeping on what appears to be a teddy bear in one photo, while in the other, he is laying on a beige blanket.

The fourth photo shows the newborn clinging to his mum's finger, still appearing to be sound asleep.


The royal family announced the birth of the second-in-line-to-the-throne in a post on Facebook on Sunday, revealing the tot arrived into the world at 5.13am at the Maternity Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in Luxembourg.

On Sunday afternoon the proud new dad filmed a video statement, saying: "Today is a wonderful day for my wife and for myself and probably the most incredible day we will have because to be able to greet a child that comes into one's life is the most magical thing a couple can have.

"This experience that we are living today, that we are able to share also with our country people and with Luxembourg as a country."

"We are delighted to do so in a time that is a bit more difficult especially for families who have been separated for a few months, which in the next weeks are going to be able to see each other again," he added.

"A birth is a message of hope, it is a blessing. This is what we are so happy to be able to share with Luxembourg, but also over the borders with all the different countries."

Prince Charles's arrival was celebrated with a customary 21 canons, fired from Fort Thuengen in Luxembourg city.

Although, not so traditionally, the newborn met his grandparents — Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg — for the first time via video call, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

"A digital meeting, certainly, but charged with emotion!" the grandparents-of-five said in a statement, adding they can't wait "to finally be able to hug him".

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