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Heartbreaking! Hailey Baldwin Reveals PAINFUL Experience After Breakup With Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin candidly told husband Justin Bieber the truth. Finally, she spoke of the pain she went through when they broke up before. 

Heart To Heart

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin got their fans excited about the new Facebook Watch series they launched. The lovely young couple is making a documentary about some of the things they are doing while in quarantine in Canada. 


The first episode of their blog featured the couple having a heart-to-heart talk while lounging at the lake near their home. They opened up about the best and the hardest thing about being married to each other. However, their discussion got a bit more dramatic when Justin asked Hailey if she had already forgiven him. 

Baldwin and Bieber broke up because Justin tried to try it again with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Theirs was a bad breakup. When it did not work out for Justin and Selena, Justin pursued Hailey again. Finally, they got back together in June of 2018 and have been together since then. 

Bieber asked Baldwin the intimate details of their breakup and how she got over the fact that he did that to her. 

"How did you regain confidence and trust in me because at the time, there was so much hurt, and there was so much pain. What got you through that? Was it your faith? Was it?" Bieber asked sincerely.

With all honesty, Baldwin gave a particularly long answer. She admitted that it took her a long time to accept the breakup. She further revealed that she allowed herself to feel the pain and did not jump into a new relationship immediately. 

"I think that one thing that's really important is that from the time that you and I weren't-ended, and it was not on good terms, I was on my own, essentially," Hailey opened up..

"I didn't just throw myself into a relationship, throw myself into something else to try to-I did other things to try to distract myself and forget and would talk to people or hang out with people, but I didn't search for someone to just come take your place and be like another relationship and try to fill a void in that way."

All About Forgiveness

Hailey was all too honest when she talked about how she grieved for their relationship. 

"I really let myself feel the emotions that I was feeling," she continued. "It feels like grieving when you lose-it is grieving, actually. It doesn't feel like grieving, it is grieving when you lose someone who you really, really love and care about."

Baldwin also admitted that she came to a point when it did no matter if Bieber was romantically involved with her or not. She told herself she will love and care for him no matter what. 

"And I just remember, I was like, I care about you so much that I was like, it doesn't even matter to me if he's in my life is like a romantic way, just like I care about him so much that I want him to-I want us to be in each other's lives and that be okay. I think it actually when I look back on it, it was the best thing that we took time apart and had time to do our own thing," she added/

Bieber then cut Baldwin and pointed out that what got them back together was forgiveness. 

"There was a lot of forgiveness that you need to have toward me and vice versa. We both had made mistakes. And I think when we understand how much God has forgiven us and given us grace, it gives us the ability to give each other grace. Would you not agree?" Justin asked.

Baldwin agreed and said that people, especially those from the internet, tried to give her their take on her reunion with the "Sorry" singer. 

"And I think, just to add onto that, in a way, just to be able to forgive. People will say to me, people will comment on the internet and stuff and be like, 'well, he did this' or 'he was with this person or that person,' you know, whatever, and it's just like you have to step into security, especially as a wife, you have to be like, 'I'm aware of everything you're saying, and I'm aware of all these things," Hailey added.

The couple has forgiven each other and is now more at peace. Their fans could not wait for the next chapter of their lives. They remain hopeful Baldwin and Bieber would consider starting their family soon. 

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