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Harry and Meghan: Broke in L.A.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s desire to be financially independent has drastically backfired amid the coronavirus crisis, as the former senior royals have been forced to put their business plans on hold.

Sources say the cash-strapped couple – who had intended to launch their big Hollywood plans in the next few weeks – are starting to worry about their future in the wake of their exit from the royal family.

“This independence is what Harry wanted so badly,” a source told In Touch. “But the truth is, it’s been a real struggle to adjust to the real world.

“He’s never had to worry about money, so he doesn’t really understand the concept of budgeting.”

Harry and Meghan can’t make money by doing the planned speaking engagements and appearances they had looked forward to – and like the rest of us, have to face the fact that bills still need to be paid.

“They’re still spending a ton,” the source adds. “They’re going to end up broke!”

Indeed, the Sussexes are forking out for their own protection officers since quitting the royal family – amounting to an estimated $7.7 million a year.

Accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, the couple are grappling with the idea that they may have to cut back on luxuries going forward. However, as reports of Meghan’s ‘diva’ behaviour continue to surface, it seems this will be a hard pill for the former starlet to swallow.

In a new interview with Mail Online, a videographer who worked with Meghan during her acting days, has revealed that long before her ascension into the royal family, she had a reputation as a “princess” on set.

“She was very high maintenance and rude,” he said. “She came across as very insecure and spoiled.”

Meanwhile, royal commentator Omid Scobie warned the couple should brace for financial stress in the future, especially given the repercussions of COVID-19.

“They have spent the last few years not earning a living. As a royal, your expenses are covered but you don’t earn a salary. It will be very tough for them especially in the few months ahead,” he told the HeirPod podcast.

Harry and Meghan agreed to only carry out types of work that wouldn’t disgrace the Queen. However, as COVID-19 continues to limit potential business opportunities and prevent the growth of their Archewell brand venture, they’re now said to be regretting that decision, feeling that they’re missing out on potential money-making schemes.

Now it’s been revealed Harry sold two hunting rifles worth over $90,000 to appease his animal-loving wife.

Meghan and Harry are looking for any way to make a quick buck. A book detailing the Sussexes’ split from the royal family, titled Finding Freedom, and out in August, pledges to tell the “true story” of their relationship.

While it’s claimed Meghan and Harry did not officially endorse the publication, the release will no doubt raise their profile, and in turn bring in some much-needed funds.

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