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BREAKING: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – IT’S TWIN GIRLS!

With their life in Canada marking the start of a new chapter for Prince Harry and wife Meghan, royal watchers are now convinced the couple are on the brink of another huge announcement.

Royals expert and author Phil Dampier tells New Idea he wouldn’t be surprised if the duke and duchess decide to expand their family and give Archie not one, but two siblings.

“I’m sure Harry and Meghan will want to have another baby soon and a girl would be lovely to complete their family,” he says. “If she has twins, that would give them an instant family to compare to William and Kate and I’m sure they would be over the moon.”

While rumours circulated during Meghan’s last pregnancy that she was expecting a multiple birth, this time around it’s thought the couple are holding out every hope for twin girls.

“Meghan’s desperate for a girl and always has been – never making a secret of the fact she’s longed for a ‘mini me’,” reveals a royal source.

Whether or not the couple eventually welcome twins, Meghan is reportedly doing all she can to ensure that Archie’s younger sibling is a girl.

“She’s doing everything in her power to try and conceive a girl this time around – following every old wives’ tale and even overhauling her diet.”

Phil confirms royal chatter that the couple are already expecting again. “There have been rumours she is pregnant already,” he reveals.

The anonymous insider adds, “Meghan’s made numerous hints she could already be expecting her dream daughter – gushing about how she’ll complete her family in 2020 with both her and Harry having their little doppelgängers.”

Certainly the happy news that they are expecting twins could give the royal couple something to celebrate after what has been a very stressful time.

Last week it was made public that Harry’s complaint over a UK newspaper’s coverage of wildlife photos he posted to the Sussex Royal instagram account in 2019 had not been upheld.

Last year, the Mail on Sunday suggested photos taken by Prince Harry of a rhino, elephant and a lion – and posted to mark Earth Day – didn’t tell the whole story by not revealing that the animals had been stunned by a tranquilliser and the elephant was tethered.

The report had claimed the photos had been edited to hide the fact there was a rope tied around its hind legs.

Harry argued that he hadn’t misled the public.

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