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‘Horndog’ Steve Harvey Divorcing Over ‘Wandering Eye’?

Did Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, threaten to divorce him? A few months ago, a tabloid claimed that she was going to leave him due to his "wandering eye" and rumors about his infidelity. After taking time to check out the facts, here’s what we found out.

In October 2019, the National Enquirer alleged that Marjorie Harvey was fed up with Steve and that their marriage had hit a crisis. Dubbing the Family Feud host as a “horndog”, the tabloid argued that the spouses' 12-year marriage had been strained for a while after Steve was hit with cheating rumors and the cancellation of his two shows.

“It’s no secret Steve has a wandering eye, and rumors keep trickling back to Marjorie. Word is, she’s threatening divorce,” a so-called source told the publication.

The magazine said the cheating rumors might be true after Marjorie posted pictures of herself without her wedding ring during a trip to the California Desert National Conservation Area with a gal pal. “Steve cheated on both of his previous wives.

Marjorie needed to get away and clear her head,” the supposed insider added. Of course, Marjorie technically could have “threatened” to divorce Steve Harvey at any point in the past several months, but we highly doubt it. The magazine’s story came out nearly eight months ago and the spouses are still together.

Earlier this year, Steve Harvey posted a birthday tribute on Instagram for Marjorie. “Today I honor the most special group on planet earth, WOMEN ... the one group who is responsible for every single human life ever made in the world ... Past present and future... I honor and thank you For your amazing accomplishments,” the game show host wrote as the caption. 

Marjorie also shared a photo of the couple a few weeks ago on her Instagram page of their return trip to their home in Atlanta. Obviously, no one's being threatened with anything here.


Additionally, this wouldn’t be the first time the tabloid was wrong about the couple’s marriage. Two months ago, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer for falsely claiming that Marjorie walked out on Steve. The outlet insisted Marjorie left Steve following a huge blowout following the couple had over the comedian's struggle to support his family. The story was incorrect. 

In 2018, the Enquirer asserted that Steve Harvey was involved in a $400 million divorce drama with Marjorie because of Kris Jenner. The publication declared that Marjorie was going to leave her husband due to his close relationship with Jenner.

However, the paper failed to mention that Jenner is close friends with Marjorie, as she mentioned when she appeared on Family Feud. The story had absolutely no truth to it. 

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