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How Princess Diana’s Relationship With Dodi Al-Fayed Provided Comfort To Prince William

Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed’s budding relationship reportedly provided some comfort to Prince William following his mom’s death in 1997.

In the book “William’s Princess,” royal author Robert Jobson shared details from Princess Diana’s trip with her sons to the South of France. The author said that the trip, which took place in July 1997, was the royal siblings’ final vacation before the Princess of Wales passed away.

Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry stayed at the villa Castle Ste Therese, which is located on the cliffs above St. Tropez. The property had its own private beach and a luxury yacht.

Prince Charles’ ex-wife and his sons arrived at the vacation destination days before Al-Fayed joined them. And after the latter’s arrival, it didn’t take very long for their chemistry to kick in.

“Diana and Dodi had rubbed shoulders a few times before, first meeting at a polo match in July 1986. But this time, in the relaxed surroundings of the Cote d'Azur, something clicked between them. 

Who knows if it was a relationship that could have gone on to provide Diana with the sort of commitment and happiness she craved, or if it was only destined to be a holiday romance?” Jobson said.

The royal author went on to say that Princess Diana and Al-Fayed enjoyed some moments of happiness throughout the trip. And Prince William saw how happy his mother was back then, which comforted him greatly following Princess Diana’s tragic car accident.

When the royals returned home, Princess Diana confided in Prince William about her relationship with Al-Fayed, as well as her previous relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan.

“It was an extraordinary topic of conversation for a mother to be having with her 15-year-old son, but he was well used to it.  If it was William’s blessing for her relationship with Dodi that she wanted, then she got it. 

Dodi made his mother laugh; he seemed to make her genuinely happy. At last, Diana had found happiness in her private life and everybody – including her ex-husband – was pleased for her,” Jobson said.

Unfortunately, Princess Diana and Al-Fayed’s relationship was short-lived. The couple was traveling in a private vehicle in Paris when a group of paparazzi swarmed close to their car.

Princess Diana and Al-Fayed were in a car accident together, and they both didn’t survive.

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