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I Bet Prince Harry Regrets Not Behaving More Like Prince William

The Sussex Squad might not realize it, but the royal family has been in the public eye since long before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle. Once upon a time, the focus centered on Prince William, Kate Middleton, and how impatient we were to see them finally get married.

Looking back now, William was absolutely right to handle the situation with a delicacy that may have seemed excessive at the time. For both his and Kate’s sake.

In fact, I bet if Prince Harry was honest with himself, he’d admit he wishes he’d paid more heed to how his brother approached marriage. Maybe then he wouldn’t be trapped in the position he’s in today.

Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Extended Courtship Was A Running Joke

When Prince William and Kate Middleton finally announced their engagement in 2010, Prince Charles joked:

And while Prince William’s father was indeed joking, there was an element of truth to what he said.

It had long been believed that Kate Middleton was “the one” for Prince William and that she would make an excellent addition to the royal family.

Yet William, the future King, didn’t rush in. The Duke of Cambridge decided to wait until both he and Kate knew each other well before committing.

Getting married is a massive commitment for the average person. Can you imagine taking the step to becoming a member of the most famous family on the planet?

Prince Harry Should Have Followed His Brother’s Lead

In stark contrast to Prince William’s measured approach, his younger brother, Prince Harry, dived in head-first.

Royal sources first confirmed his relationship with Meghan Markle in November 2016. Just 12 months later, they were engaged, and in May 2018, the couple was married.

Only 18 months passed between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship being announced and them tying the knot.

Personally, I think Meghan Markle knew what her plan all along was when it came to Prince Harry. He was the next step on her relationship ladder after Trevor Engelson and Cory Vitiello.

Both of those gentlemen outlived their usefulness, and we all know what happened next.

Prince Harry May Regret His Impulsivity Now

Assuming this was her end-game, it made perfect sense to get the younger Prince tied down in marriage and with a child.

Had Prince Harry taken his time – as his brother did – would he have tired of Meghan? Perhaps he’d have seen through her plans to use his family name and gravitas to further her own career ambitions.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Prince Harry is harboring similar doubts now. Maybe he’s wondering if he did the right thing, especially while he’s stuck in a foreign country with no friends or family nearby.

There’s more than enough evidence to speculate that he’s not in a good place at the moment.

With a marriage and a child involved, though, it won’t be as easy to remedy that situation as it would have been to avoid it altogether.

Would he still be sitting in a mansion in Los Angeles today if he wasn’t married to Meghan and had baby Archie to consider? Or would he have ditched his scheme and returned home to the life he knows and the military career that he clearly misses?

He’s certainly not looking too happy in his current predicament.

I’ve always believed William was the wiser brother of the two. This is a perfect example of why.

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