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Is Meg Ryan Reuniting With Russell Crowe After Her Split From John Mellencamp?

Speculations are rife that actress Meg Ryan is dating Russell Crowe on the rebound after she broke off with John Mellencamp last year. However, a tabloid has debunked this rumor. 

Last year, it was reported that Ryan and Mellencamp ended their engagement after their news of being together on-and-off grabbed the headlines. People had reported that the couple finally decided to end their engagement because the rocker had allegedly developed cold feet about getting married for the fourth time. 

A close source had confided in the outlet and claimed: “He didn’t want to get married again.”  

Mellencamp had been earlier married to Priscilla Esterline, Victoria Granucci, and Elaine Irwin before getting engaged to Ryan. 

The same source had shared that although he loved Ryan, “marriage never seemed to be a part of it.” However, it was not clear how important it was for the actress to get married to her then-fiancée. The insider added that it is “bad they split” because they got along extremely well. 

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that Ryan got back with Crowe after her split from Mellencamp. A tabloid mentions that Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe have reunited after they broke off around two decades ago. 

An insider shared; “Meg and Ryan are hooking up and having a blast.” The same tipster mentioned: “This rebound was just what Meg needed after things went south with John.”

The outlet further says that it was a “well-known” secret in Hollywood that Ryan and Crowe were madly in love with one other. However, the timing of their affair was not right. 

On the other hand, the magazine claims that Mellencamp is not bothered if his ex-fiancée is “hooking up” with Russel Crowe. That is because the rocker is allegedly dating Jamie Sue Sherrill.

A second sketchy insider has mentioned that if Ryan is trying to make the singer jealous, “she’s going the wrong way about it.” The insider added that the rocker is now in love with a different person. 

The alleged insider says that Ryan’s new relationship may “fizzle out” the way it did in the past. However, no one will get hurt this time around and there will be no drama like two decades ago.

Although Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan indeed enjoyed a brief fling in the late nineties, Gossip Cop claims that the duo is not getting back again. The publication spoke to a representative of the actress who told them that the story was incorrect. 

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