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Ivanka Slammed Online After Sharing Reunion Video Of Old Couple Separated By Pandemic

Ivanka Trump was criticized online after sharing a sweet reunion video of an old couple who spent months apart due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only forced the world to live in quarantine. It also forced some families to live apart, especially those who are directly affected by the coronavirus.

CBS This Morning recently shared the heartfelt reunion of an old couple, Walter Willard, 91, and Jen, 89, who lived apart in the past months due to coronavirus outbreak.


The couple has been married for 70 years and the clip showed how much they missed each other when they met againt at a nursing home in Troy, New York.

The first daughter shared the video on Twitter.  “Beautiful! God bless you both!” Ivaka wrote with a heart emoji.


However, her move was met with criticisms, and many even blamed her father, Donald Trump, for the couple’s separation.

“Awww.. your father is responsible for them being separated...awww...so cute,” one commented sarcastically.


“And to think, if it hadnt been for your father, they may never have been separated at all! So happy they aren’t part of the 96,354 deaths he's responsible for so far,” @Kats_GA wrote.


“They wouldn’t have had to be separated in the first place if your family didnt call the coronavirus a hoax for 2 months,” @theClaudiaInez opined.


However, many were also happy to see the video because for them it’s good news amid the pandemic. Furthermore, others thanked Ivanka and her family for what they are doing for the public. Some even said that they want the Trumps to lead the country for four more years.

“I like happy news thankyou,” @ken_mcmahon commented with a thumbs up emoji.


“Very beautiful story,” @Ismailwalid11 opined.


“God bless you & your wonderful family! Can’t wait to have four more years of the most American family,“ @AlexMadoxx wrote.


“WE ALL NEED to reunite! LETS GO! Lets get open and back to moving FORWARD!” another added.

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