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Ivanka Trump ‘Stole’ Melania’s White House Office; FLOTUS Ended ‘Scheming’

Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump have been pitted against each other. And the first daughter has been accused of taking over some of the FLOTUS’s roles.

In the book “Kushner Inc.,” author Vicky Ward detailed how Donald Trump’s favorite child stole the first lady’s office in the White House from her.

“Ivanka has, initially, been overseeing plans for the East Wing, ordinarily the First Lady’s job. Two transition officials saw the plans upon which Ivanka, or someone acting on her behalf, had stenciled in the corner office of the East Wing as ‘Trump Family Office,’” Ward wrote.

The author said that the transition officials were surprised to see that Melania didn’t have an office, and the first lady was surprised herself. After she realized what Ivanka had done, Trump’s wife immediately put an end to her stepdaughter’s scheming.

Sources revealed that the first lady asked Ivanka to back off, and the two women never talked about the Trump Family Office ever again.

Ward also talked about Ivanka’s attempts to takeover Melania’s role during her appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” She said that the Melania and Ivanka had a confrontation about the Trump Family Office, and it was the FLOTUS who won.

“So, here’s an interesting suggestion: Melania Trump is the only person in my book who has ever successfully stood up to Ivanka Trump and won,” she said.

Ward also talked about one instance wherein Ivanka told everyone that she wasn’t joining the White House after Trump got elected. But behind the scenes, she was actually making sorts of plans.

In fact, Jared Kushner’s wife already had the Trump Family Office drawn up for the East Wing, which was supposed to be the first lady’s territory. So, when the FLOTUS found out about her plans, she confronted her and ended it.

Melania and Ivanka’s relationship has also been dubbed as complicated. But the first lady’s communication director, Stephanie Grisham, said that the two women are actually OK.

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