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Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie fight over Meghan Markle

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are reportedly battling for Meghan Markle’s affection after she and husband Prince Harry made the move to Canada.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently announced they are quitting royal life and splitting their time between the UK and Canada.

Now a source claims that Brad Pitt's exes are making a “beeline” for the royal couple.

“Both Jen and Ange want to spend time with Meghan and Harry once she’s in LA, which means they’re essentially rivals again and they’re both willing to put the boot into each other,” a source told U.S. gossip mag, Heat.

“Virtually the whole of Hollywood wants to befriend them, so in some ways, it’s not surprising Jen and Angie are planning to make a beeline for them,”

“Jennifer figures she’s got way more pulling power since she can open doors for Meghan with TV or movie roles. She’s also hoping they’d be wooed by the thought of hanging out with her impressive roster of A-list friends – including Brad Pitt of course,”

“Whereas Angelina is banking on Meghan being more interested in charity work, and that’s where she can help more than anyone else in Hollywood. Not only has she got a lot of influence at the UN, but she can also help make introductions to a ton of non-profit groups that she’s confident will appeal to Meghan and Harry.”

The report comes days after news that Aniston is set to visit Harry and Meghan in Canada. 

RadarOnline says the Friends star will will hang with the Duke and Duchess and their son Archie Harrison when she works on her upcoming film Murder Mystery.

“Jen has a lot of admiration for Meghan and loved her in ‘Suits,’ plus she’s open to them collaborating on projects together now that Meghan’s back in the entertainment world,” an insider revealed. “They have a lot in common and a number of mutual friends including the Clooneys, and there have already been some friendly exchanges between them.”

“Jen will be up in Canada by June or July to start filming, all being well, plus there will be plenty of opportunity for them to hang out in LA once Meghan and Harry are in town,” the source added. “They’re looking forward to getting together.”

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