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Jennifer Lopez Having A Miracle Baby At 50?

Is Jennifer Lopez expecting a miracle baby at 50? A recent article in a tabloid is claiming the actress is having a baby with fiancé Alex Rodriguez

According to NW, Jennifer Lopez was spotted leaving the gym before the current lockdown and was wearing a crop top that revealed a little belly. The actress was seen again affectionately touching her tummy at the birthday party for Ella, Alex Rodriguez’s daughter.

Supposed sources allege that this means the singer is expecting a baby with her fiancé. “Jen sort of assumed she was too old to get pregnant, even though she’s in the best shape and health of her life.

Plus Alex figured his swimmers no longer swam after years of steroid use while he was an athlete. But going by how she looks, one of them might have gotten past the batter through to the catcher, so to speak,” a so-called insider says.

The outlet maintains that the singer has cut back on her “grueling” workout regimen since those closest to her have noticed her supposed bump.

“She’s also basically permanently attached to a diamante-encrusted drinking cup of full green juice, so girlfriend is getting her daily source of iron,” the alleged insider continues.

The publication further claims if the singer is indeed expecting, the couple would be “over the moon” about the new addition to their family.

“They were perfectly happy with their blended family but she had to admit she was sad to think they would never have a child of their own,” the dubious insider purports.

The story ends noting that Jennifer Lopez “falling pregnant” despite her age and Alex Rodriguez’s past steroid use would be a “very happy accident” for them.

Despite what the outlet is asserting, Lopez is not pregnant. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, who confirms that the story is untrue.

Additionally, this wouldn’t be the first time NW made up inaccurate tales about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming that Lopez and Rodriguez were adopting a baby from Puerto Rico.

Before this, the bogus magazine was busted by us for incorrectly stating that the singer was dumping Rodriguez for Ben Affleck. In May 2018, NW was exposed by Gossip Cop for falsely asserting that Jennifer Lopez and Rodriguez were marrying on the Fourth of July.

The bogus tabloid has a history of being all over the place with its baseless stories and it’s no different this time around.

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