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Jennifer Lopez ‘Helpless’ While Dating Ben Affleck; ‘Bennifer’ Era ‘Scary,’ ‘Overwhelming’

Jennifer Lopez recently opened up about her relationship with Ben Affleck.The actress, who is now engaged to Alex Rodriguez, told CBS’ “Sunday Morning” that her relationship with Affleck was very overwhelming and scary because it took place during the tabloid era.

Lopez revealed that during the so-called Bennifer era, Affleck wanted to keep their relationship as low-key as possible. However, they constantly made headlines and a lot of negative things were written about them. The “World of Dance” judge said that she felt helpless while dating Affleck because they couldn’t counter all of the negative publicity that they received.

“You just have to live your life and this is what I’ve learned over the years. This is why it’s great to be where I am now, and at the age, I am now, because that stuff doesn’t bother me anymore,” she said. Affleck and Lopez started dating in 2002 but their relationship only lasted for two years. In fact, the former couple called it quits after postponing their 2003 wedding with just a few day's notice.

During her previous interview with Vanity Fair, Lopez revealed that she lost her sense of self while dating Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband. Her and Affleck’s relationship also self-destructed in front of the whole world. In 2008, Affleck also shared his thoughts on why his relationship with Lopez failed. He said that he and Lopez made the mistake of making themselves too accessible for everyone.

“I don’t think either of us anticipated the degree to which it would take on a world of its own,” he said. At present, Lopez and Affleck have both moved on from each other. Lopez will soon be tying the knot with Rodriguez after getting engaged in March. Affleck is focused on his sobriety and raising his three children with the help of his ex-wife, Garner. The actor isn’t dating anyone at the moment.

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