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Jennifer Aniston Reunites With Her Estranged Father Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jennifer Aniston has revealed how she had to undergo therapy because of abandonment issues in her childhood. However, sources note that the actress has reconciled with her estranged father John Aniston amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A source revealed to an outlet a few days ago that Aniston has forgiven her father for deserting her several years ago. However, Jen was not on talking terms with her dad for several years.

Since the COVID-19 crisis though, the actress has been keeping in touch with her father over the phone almost daily. The source told Daily Mail: “He is thrilled that they have reconciled.”

The father and daughter duo do not simply have short conversations. The source reveals that it is as if Anniston has realized how short life is and she wants her relationship with her father “to be the best it can be.”

The “Friends” star had previously revealed that her father left her mother Nancy when she was just 10-year-old. News of their reconciliation started doing rounds as John was snapped looking stressed and frail in public. 

Jennifer Aniston had shared details of her father’s estrangement and her tough childhood in an interview with The Rolling Stone in 1999. The “Dumplin” star mentioned that she was taken aback when her mom had first shared the news with her. 

Aniston had come back from a birthday party when her mother told her that John would not be at home for a while. However, her mother did not tell her that he left them forever. The star remembers how she wept without realizing that her father would not stay with them any longer. 

Ever since the actress joined Instagram last year, her fans got a glimpse into her life. Aniston has shared several pictures from her past so that her fans could get a close insight into her day-to-day life. 

The actress shared a cute throwback picture of her actor father and herself on Instagram. The picture features little Jen along with her dad as she wraps her arms around him adorably. The picture went viral and was liked by her innumerable fans. 

Although the picture gives the impression that the actress had a carefree childhood, it is far from the truth. Every child goes through great sadness and pain when their parents split and Aniston was not an exception. 

However, despite her deep pain while growing up, Jennifer Aniston has moved on with her life. She has accepted her relationship with her actor father gracefully and has let bygones be bygones. 

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