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Justin Bieber announces his album release date & Selena Gomez fans accuse the singer of stealing her spotlight

Justin Bieber has caused a frenzy on social media. The international singer, who has been teasing his new album, announced that he will be dropping his new music in January. The Let Me Love You singer shared a picture with the writing "2020" on his social media account with three dates. He revealed that something - presumably new songs - is dropping on December 24, December 31, January 3. While the announcement has left Justin fans counting down days to the release, it has left Selena Gomez fans furious. 

Why? It is because the 25-year-old singer is releasing his music around the same time as Selena has planned to release her new album Rare. Having released two of her songs in October, Selena had announced that she will be taking over January with her new album a few weeks ago. Now, as Justin announced his line up for January, Selena fans accuse the singer of stealing Selena's spotlight. 

Fans began using the hashtag "#JanuarybelongstoRARE" to stand by Selena. "We won’t let anyone steal the spotlight from her comeback, and that’s on what," a fan wrote. "He had 4 fckin years to take out his era but he decided to do it the same time as Selena??! Selena is finally in a right place to take out music and do promo and he is trying to ruin it !!!! Are we gonna let him? #JANUARYbelongstoRARE #JANUARYbelongstoRARE m#JANUARYbelongstoRARE," another fan tweet read. "the fact that justin’s announcement made zero noise and #Rare is being talked about instead ugh our power selenation #JANUARYBELONGSTORARE," pointed out another fan. 

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