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Justin Bieber shows off his diamond grill in latest Instagram post but fans want his moustache gone

Justin Bieber is busy dropping some style statements on social media and his fans are surely making a note. On Thursday, the 'Yummy' singer took to Instagram to show off his shiny new diamond grill teeth as he shared a selfie.

The close-up photo showed Justin posing for the camera with the diamond girll, his moustache and striking hot pink sweats in full display. While the singer did not need a caption to explain what was going on, fans surely had some thoughts on Justin's look. 

While Justin's die-hard fans appreciated the diamond grill on his teeth, they were not too happy with his moustache.

They also voiced their thoughts in the comments section as one fan wrote, "Justin shave ur mustache pls make it look like 2012 jb pls like if u guys agree pls." Well, many fans actually agreed with this user as his comment was 'liked' at least 76 times. 

Another fan also called upon his wife Hailey Bieber to get Justin cleaned up. The comment read, "Haley, girl get in here and clean this man up." 

Another chimed in with, "Justin please shave that thing off your baby face." 

Check out Justin Bieber's latest photo which has got his fans talking:


The singer recently dropped his brand new single titled 'Yummy'. It has opened to mixed reviews. The year 2020 is packed for Justin as the singer is working on multiple projects, including a documentary, throughout the year.

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