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Justin Bieber’s SHOCKING Revelations On His Drug Addiction: I Was Dying, Security Came In At Night To Check My Pulse

Popular singer Justin Bieber has gone through some major ups and downs in his life and he recently opened up about his mental health struggles and his addiction to weed and drugs in an episode of his YouTube documentary series Seasons.

The series revolves around his musical journey, his relationship with his wife Hailey and in episode 5 of the series, he opened up about the dark time in his life where he struggled with addiction and his past substance abuse.

He revealed that his drug addiction was so severe, he felt like he was dying. Opening up about the first time he smoked weed, he said, “The first time I smoked weed was in my backyard here got super-stoned.

And then I realized I liked weed a lot. That's when my desire to smoke weed started, and then I started smoking weed for a while. And then started getting really dependent on it, and that's when I realized that I had to stop. I don't think it's bad. It's just that for me, it can be a dependency.”

He also said that he would pop pills, smoke weed as soon as he would wake up. He revealed he was dependent on cannabis at 13 and later went on to drink lean, take pills, Molly, Shrooms.


Justin Bieber also said that it got so bad that his security were coming in at night to check his pulse. He said, “I was, like, dying. It was legit, crazy scary. I basically said to myself, 'God, if you are real, you get me through this season of stopping these pills and stuff, and if you do, I'll do the rest of the work.'

But I never did the actual work.” He later said that he has abused his body in the past and now he is in the recovery process, trying to make sure that he is taking care of the vessel that God has given him.

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