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Kanye West Leaving Kim Kardashian And Moving To Wyoming With The Kids?

Is Kanye West leaving Kim Kardashian and moving to Wyoming with their children? A recent tabloid is claiming the rapper is set to leave his wife behind.

In a new article by Life & Style, the tabloid asserts Kardashian was “fed up” being quarantined with her four children. To remedy this, West took the children to the family’s ranch in Wyoming for several days so Kardashian could get some “alone time.”

However, the magazine insists West really did it to get away from his wife. “He did it because he got tired of Kim’s nagging, but Ye wound up having a blast,” a so-called insider says. Now, the outlet maintains West plans to leave with their children again, but this time permanently.

“He told her that he wants to move to Wyoming with the kids for good, with or without her. She said her friends and her career is in L.A., so she refused to go.

In the end, both of them agreed they may be better off apart,” the dubious insider adds. The publication then goes on to detail how West and Kardashian are “two different people” compared to when they first met.

The magazine purports while Kardashian is focused on her brand and studying to become a lawyer, West has become more devoted to his religious projects and the rapper believes Wyoming is his “spiritual home.”

But, the outlet asserts West isn’t the only person looking for an “out” and Kardashian is already “discussing the prospect of divorce with her legal team.”

“Neither of them is willing to back down in the Wyoming-L.A. debate, so Kim and Kanye are trying to work out an arrangement where they split the kids,” the alleged insider concludes.


This “supposed” source that Life & Style is getting their information from has no clue what they are talking about. Kardashian just posted a photo on Instagram of West with their daughters, North and Chicago, at home. Before this, the reality star posted a photo of herself and West, where West is holding his wife lovingly and Kardashian is smiling.


If the couple is “having problems” why would Kardashian post these photos? Furthermore, this wouldn’t be the first time Life & Style claimed Kardashian and West were splitting up.

In December 2019, Gossip Cop busted the phony magazine for falsely claiming Kardashian and West were in a fortune and custody battle. Obviously the couple weren’t divorcing then, just as they aren’t now.

Before that, we debunked the bogus outlet for alleging Kardashian was walking out on West and taking their four children with her. The magazine is untrustworthy when it comes to reporting on Kardashian and West. Just as we’ve done in the past, Gossip Cop is dismissing this latest narrative.

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