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Kate Allegedly Suffering From Insomnia, Looking Frail Amid Increased Obligations Post-Megxit

Kate Middleton is allegedly suffering from insomnia and anxiety amid her increased obligations post-Megxit. According to Life & Style, Middleton graciously told interviewers that she’s doing fine amid the coronavirus lockdown. However, this may not entirely be true.

“Kate’s balancing a crazy work schedule with raising and homeschooling her kids during a pandemic. These days, she barely has time to rest,” the source said. Prince William’s wife has, repotedly, been having 18-hour workdays, and she’s beginning to crack under pressure.

“She feels like she’s trapped in a vicious cycle. She’s so on the edge and tense, she can’t sleep at night, and then her insomnia increases her anxiety. She’s never been so stressed out in her life. Kate is really struggling,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Middleton’s friends are very concerned about her health and welfare. After they spoke to each other on a video call, the Duchess of Cambridge’s friends, allegedly, noticed how frail the mom of three looks.

“There are dark bags under her eyes and even though she tries to cover it up with makeup, she looks exhausted,” the source said. The dubious story also tried to heighten the speculations that Middleton and Meghan Markle are still feuding.

The source claimed that Middleton is not pleased to see how Markle and Prince Harry are enjoying their new life in Los Angeles while she’s stuck with all of the royal duties that they left behind.

“Seeing photos of Meghan looking happy with Harry out and about near their $18 million LA mansion rubs salt in the wound. Kate feels like she’s been left with Meghan’s work as well as her own, and Meghan has never even apologized. It’s selfish,” the source said.

Prince William has, allegedly, been doing everything that he can to make Middleton’s life so much easier. He has been helping out around the house, and he has also been cleaning and cooking.

The Duke of Cambridge will, reportedly, do everything that he can to have the old Middleton back. However, one should take these claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Tatler previously published a similar story claiming that Middleton thinks Markle and Prince Harry are selfish.

However, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace denied the claims. This denial proves that Middleton isn’t that much affected by Prince Harry and Markle’s Megxit, contrary to the tabloid’s claims.

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