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Kate Middleton’s Mom, Carole, Reportedly Confronted Prince William About His Proposal Plans

Kate Middleton’s mom, Carole Middleton was reportedly worried that Prince William had no plans to propose to her daughter.

In an article she wrote for Vanity Fair, royal author Katie Nicholl said that there was a time when Carole asked Prince William straight out what his plans were.

Over a decade ago, Carole became concerned after the Duchess of Cambridge earned the nickname “Waity Katie,” so she felt the need to confront Prince William.

“Possibly it was the words of his soon to be mother-in-law which rang in the prince’s ears. Before Christmas 2009, Carole Middleton had anxiously asked him when he planned to make an honest woman of her daughter. “After what was at that point a seven-year courtship and two breakups there was still no ring on Kate’s finger, and she was nearly 28,” Nicholl said.

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly told Carole that he and Middleton agreed to tie the knot after he completes his military training. One year later, the royal couple got engaged and in 2011, they finally tied the knot.

Meanwhile, Nicholl also shed some light on Prince William and Middleton’s relationship. She said that in 2007, the royal couple made a secret pact to marry each other when the time was right.

At that time, no one knew that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were already talking about their marriage plans. But the conversation took place after they got back together following their second breakup. Prince William invited Middleton to Seychelles.

In related news, the royal author also talked about Prince William’s relationship with Middleton’s family, particularly the future queen’s parents. According to her, Michael Middleton and Prince William are also close.

“William adores them. He affectionately calls Kate's father ‘Mike’ and on occasion ‘Dad,’ even though it is said to prickle Prince Charles. Meanwhile, Carole is so smitten that her mobile-phone screen saver is a picture of the prince.

Because they do everything together, friends call them the En Masse Middletons. They are a close-knit family, which is one of the reasons William loves spending time with them and has joined his future in-laws on several trips,” she said.

Prince William also enjoyed his vacations with the Middletons because they were very relaxed. The Duke of Cambridge also shares inside jokes with his wife’s side of the family. And he reportedly thinks that his mother-in-law is fun because she’s very young in spirit and also a great entertainer.

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