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Kate Takes This Cue From Meghan As She Comes Up With ‘Legal Warning’ Against Misleading Coverage

Kate Middleton could follow the footsteps of her sister-in-law Meghan Markle and be more vocal against the press if there is any misleading coverage against her. 

The royal practice has usually been not to complain and “never explain” as far as the reports published by the press are concerned. However, the tradition is likely to change soon. 

In Apr, this year, the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex wrote fiery letters and slammed four Britain based publications. They mentioned their intention to not be in touch with these tabloids any further. 

The couple’s statement made it evident that they would no longer be silent if they come across misleading reports and would be more vocal about them. Thus, it was clear that Harry and Markle do not wish to follow the usual tradition of being quiet.

It now appears even Kate Middleton would follow suit as her lawyers reacted to ab incorrect coverage surrounding her relationship with Meghan Markle. Her lawyers responded by sending a legal letter to an outlet when they published an article on their website with its title as “Catherine the Great.”

The Duchess’ profile included interviews with unnamed insiders who insisted they are the Cambridges’ family pals. These anonymous tipsters made a string of claims about her relationship with Markle. Her lawyers demanded the outlet to remove the article from the website.

The lawyers reportedly sent a legal notice against an outlet called the Tatler magazine for what was described as publishing an inaccurate report. The sources allegedly told the outlet that Middleton was “furious” about her increased royal responsibilities after Megexit.   

Meanwhile, a representative of the magazine mentioned that they are in contact with the lawyers of the Duchess. Such legal action is not common in the Royal Family and has led to speculations that their relationship with the media might undergo drastic changes, Daily Express reports. 

In the past, Prince William and Kate Middleton had only taken legal action against the press only in extreme cases. One such case was when a French tabloid had published the duchess’ topless pictures.

In Apr. this year when Prince Harry and Markle sent letters to the editors of the papers and explained their decision of boycotting them. The couple said they were not doing so to avoid “criticism” but to remain detached from publications who they believe indulge in “clickbait and distortion.”

According to Daily Mail, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not intimate Prince Charles about their decision before they sent their letters. However, it appears the couple got in touch with the Queen and discussed the issue briefly. 

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