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Kate Middleton ‘Troubled’ After ‘Losing’ Prince Harry’; Duchess’ Expression Changed

Kate Middleton’s facial expression has seemingly changed in recent months. And a body language expert thinks that this may have something to do with Prince Harry.

Before the Duke of Sussex tied the knot with Meghan Markle, he and Middleton were very close. However, the two royals’ bond was destroyed allegedly because of the Duchess of Sussex.

During her recent royal engagement, body language expert Judi James noticed how Middleton’s facial expression changed. She told Express that this may be because Middleton is troubled over the loss of her friendship with the Duke of Sussex.

“We’re used to seeing Kate perform an everlasting, perfect smile and in many ways, it has been her signature look. In the past year though she seems to have grown in confidence and her smile has changed, alternating between a wider and often open-mouthed grin of what looks like authentic good humor and enjoyment, which will also entail dimpling at the side of the cheeks, and a newer, more serious and thoughtful expression,” she said.

James also noticed how Middleton’s wider smile would drop easily and dramatically especially when she’s taking part in a joint engagement with Prince William.

While performing their double act, it is evident that Middleton is under increased pressure. The body language expert also said that this type of expression is similar to Melania Trump’s signature look.

“A smile like this that appears and then drops away quickly is called a lightning smile and it can make the smile itself look forced. Melania Trump uses this facial expression but in a more extreme way and it has caused speculation that she is unhappy.

In Kate’s case it could be caused by the way she and William have become the pivotal royal couple who appear to be acting as a role-model and buffer for some of the rest of the family,” James said

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge also made headlines this week after it was revealed that she and Markle have not patched things up. According to Us Weekly, the future queen didn’t reach out to her sister-in-law after her and Prince Harry’s bombshell exit.

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