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Wife Asked Help From Kim Kardashian For Jailed Husband

What happens if a woman, claiming that her husband is a victim of unjust conviction, asked for help from Kim Kardashian on social media? Will she take an extra mile and lend a hand?


Multiple replies, as expected, were seen on this particular post. There were claims that they knew the identity of the person and there were also some who did not answer Kardashian’s inquiry, rather posted tweets on how they admire her. Multiple replies can be glared on Kardashian’s post but there was one reply who stood out.

By far, it got 198 likes and 27 retweets and it was a cry for help from a wife whose husband was at risk for wrongful conviction of a crime. The Twitter account Justice For Christopher Kearney replied to Kardashian’s post asking for help in hiring the best legal defense in L.A.

The tweet further stated that there was no evidence. At the same time, it said that the 35-year-old man could not become another statistic.


An online campaign to raise funds was established at FundRazr for Kearney by his wife, Tracy . In the said site, Kearny was described as man who got falsely accused of murder. According to the description found on the said site, Kearney’s case was declared as a mistrial because there was one person in the jury who would not convict him.

The family’s apprehension pointed out to discrimination of black men in terms of criminal trials. In addition, they claimed that his attorney was not prepared for the legal challenges in the court and if he doesn’t get a highly skilled legal defense, he might spend the rest of his life in prison.

A Facebook post, dated Feb. 6, 2018, reported the arrest of then-34-year-old Kearney. It happened on Jan. 29, 2018 at around 9:00 PM. According to the news, the Homicide Detective and the Swat Team of Pomona Police Department served the warrant at 10000 Block, 7th Ave, Inglewood City. Contrary to the claim of Kearney’s wife, the report stated that an evidence related to the murder was recovered.

The crime dates back to Dec. 2, 2017, when the Pomona Police Department received multiple calls at 11:20 PM of a shooting within the area of 2400 Block of Manville, Pomona City. The victim, Daniel Salcido, was pronounced dead at the scene after the Officers’ tried reviving him. He suffered from multiple gunshot wounds.

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