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Kim Kardashian Laughs It Off After Being Compared To Hand Sanitizers

Aside from being the OG Instagram Queen, Kim Kardashian is also famous for being one of the top fashion icons of the generation. She is known for wearing outfits that show off her iconic curves.

It is no doubt that Kim and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew are trendsetters, which is why whenever they wear something new, it instantly goes to the front page of fashion magazines and social media accounts.

But just recently, instead of being a fashion inspo, a fan decided to poke fun at Kim's iconic looks and compared them to the hottest commodity these days: hand sanitizers.

In a Twitter thread started by user @noeymewest, she compared the 39-year-old's outfits and put it side-by-side with colorful bottles of hand sanitizers.

For her first entry posted last March, Noemi compared Kim's yellow body-hugging dress to a lemon-flavored Equate Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer.

Another entry showed the "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star wearing a bright pink skin-tight cut-out mini dress (which was taken back in 2018) and placed it next to Wallgreens Crisp Apple flavor hand sanitizer.

An internet-favorite entry would be a 2019 photo of Kim rocking a skin-tight lime green dress with a bright yellow spiral design, which the Twitter user compared to another Equate Hand Sanitizer -- but this time in Aloe flavor.

But who says the SKIM's founder's colorful outfit could only be the ones on the list? Noemi also grabbed Kim's all brown turtle-neck and leather pants outfit and placed it beside a sophisticated bottle of Groove Hand Sanitizer Gel.

But out of all the entries to "Kim Kardashian x Hand Sanitizer Thread," our top favorite would be a paparazzi shot of Kim wearing a coordinate neon orange sweatshirt and pants. It was compared to a CareOne Citrus Scent Hand Sanitizer because, seriously, the resemblance is uncanny!


The Twitter user continuously updates the thread from time-time-time, and it has now reached a total of 65 entries. Yup, 65 different outfits of Kim K matching a hand sanitizer, hilarious!

Noemi's compilation was a sure hit to other Twitter users. Some could not help but praise her research skills, while others wonder if she is using a particular smartphone application that matches the outfits to a hand sanitizer product.

"There's a hand sanitizer for every occasion," one Twitter user wrote.

"Really original and really good fun, you brought cheer to a lot of people today! Great work! I won't look at hand sanitizer the same way again without a small giggle lol."

Another one wondered: "How are you doing this? Is there an app that you upload that matches outfits to hand sanitizers?" To which Noemi replied that she is just "Googling" images of the hot item.

On Thursday (May 7), Noemi's efforts finally paid off as the thread reached the "KKW Beauty" mogul, who even retweeted one of those and simply laughed it off.

"OMG HAHAHAHA!!!" Kim wrote with a laugh-cry emoji.

It looks like Kim approves the hilarious thread and enjoys being a hand sanitizer meme.

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