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Lady Gaga is taken in while bathing. Attention to the video! And there is no soap

Lady Gaga’s followers know very well that her favourite singer is not exactly a conventional artist. Quite the opposite. While it is true that, like many others, Lady Gaga usually displays her best arts on stage, outside of them the one in New York has a very particular style.


And beware, not only in regard to your options when choosing models, but also when uploading certain publications to social networks. The singer and actress have always stood out for being a woman who cares nothing and less the opinions of others.

That, coupled with her incredible voice, is what has helped become one of the most controversial celebrities in recent times. They have been many times that Lady Gaga has proven as a photo or a video of her has resulted in a controversy in social networks.

The video of Lady Gaga in the bathtub

But be careful because, as it has happened now, it is not only the videos and images that she hangs on her profile that end up being a matter of debate, but also those that hang from the accounts managed by her followers bring tail.

In this case, it was a video where we can see the singer in the bathtub, without any soap, dropping water on her back. Some images that, of course, have generated a good number of comments.


Of course, of all kinds. On the one hand, those of her followers, who speak of her as ” the queen ” and “the most natural of all .” On the other, of course, those of her haters, who take the opportunity to harshly charge the singer with opinions such as “If you don’t do this kind of thing nobody would talk about her” or ” Lady Gaga always giving the note”.

But best of all, the video sums up Gaga’s feeling about this kind of controversy very well. She remains calm while the messes fall.

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