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Laura Dern reveals why Marriage Story made her ‘believe in love more than ever

The awards season is upon us and some actors are shining brighter than the others. One of them is actress Laura Dern, who is on a  winning streak for her performance in Marriage Story.

The Noah Baumbach directorial has bagged a nomination in the Best Picture category in every award show so far and even in various other categories. The talented cast of the film  includes Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Laura Dern and Ray Liotta among others. 

As the Oscars approaches, Marriage Story has scored a nomination in almost every major category. Laura Dern, who is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category, recently opened up about her nomination and her role in the award-winning hit film.

When asked how was her experience, Laura said, "Lovely. We had our last screening and Q&A for Marriage Story on Saturday night and someone from Netflix said, 'And your first one was August 8th,' and I just realized that the journey every year that a group of movies go through, and the blessing of it, but also the bittersweet nature of celebrating with those who become family." 


Dern further added her take on the movie and if she thought that she had a different view on marriage after the film's release. "I find the movie an incredible love story, so I believe in love more than ever when I see the movie. Because love never goes away.

And at the end of the film, it ends with the gesture based on love and loving. Through all the battle and all the heartbreak and divisiveness, when you love you love forever. Even if the relationship changes." 

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