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Leonardo DiCaprio Spent $100K Into Luxury Vehicle Company That Went Bankrupt

Leonardo DiCaprio once invested a considerable amount of his money into a luxury vehicle company called Fisker Automotive that became insolvent. 

The “Titanic” star is passionate about various causes and has been vocal about environmental preservation. However, all his ventures have not been successful. There has been one vehicle company where he put in $100K but it became bankrupt. 

The “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” actor has launched a foundation of his own called the “Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.” The foundations work towards the environment and wildlife preservation. 

DiCaprio has also taken a lot of initiatives to support several other causes such as the SOS Children’s Village in Mozambique and has even been a part of a group of protestors in Washington DC that demonstrated against climate change. 

His passion for environmental preservation led him to explore and discover electric and hybrid cars. The actor had revealed in one of his earlier interviews that although he has purchased a few of them, his driving experiences with them have not been good. 

However, he was thrilled with the Fisker car’s extended range. “The Wolf of Wall Street” star stated that he found this car “fantastic-looking.” DiCaprio also said that he found the driving experience similar to a sports car. 

The actor was so delighted with the car’s performance that he funded $100K into Fisker Automotive itself. However, it was reported that Fisker Automotive suffered from a few setbacks. 

The global financial crisis of 2007-2008 badly affected the automotive sector and took away the confidence of the vehicle company. The company had to go through financial struggles despite being tipped earlier as “The Next Detroit” by Forbes. 

It was a sad state of affairs for Fisker that did not have much experience in operating a production line efficiently. As a result, the company had to encounter a series of bottlenecks including headcount problems, technical issues, and outsourcing. 

Fisker missed a string of important deadlines, as well as had many issues with their models before going bankrupt. The actor’s $100K was insufficient to strengthen the company’s position in the market then, Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports. 

In other news, Di Caprio and Kate Winslet’s fantastic onscreen chemistry has enthralled their innumerable fans since the two acted in “Titanic.” Several fans have hoped that the pair would also end up being together in real life. Winslet though had revealed in an interview why they did not have a real-life romance. 

The actress had reportedly stated that she and Leonardo DiCaprio were both young at that time and did not desire each other. It is for this reason that the duo could tease one another so effortlessly, Republic World reports. 

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