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Madonna’s Daughter Steps Out Without Face Mask After Mother Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Lourdes Leon, Madonna's 23-year-old daughter, opted not to wear a mask while out with her friends in New York. This is just a few days after her mother admitted that she had the coronavirus while she was on tour.

The Daily Mail reported that Madonna's oldest child was wearing a blue shirt and some orange pants while getting some coffee with her friends.

It is clearly seen that her friends were all wearing masks but Lourdes obviously did not want to wear one. She was all smiles while smoking a cigarette outside surrounded by a couple of her friends. 

She does not seem to be afraid of contracting the virus, despite the fact that New York remains to be the epicenter here in the country. As of this writing, there are around 1.3 million cases in the United States alone. Of this number, almost 350,000 cases are from New York. 

But this does not seem to alarm Lourdes as she opted to defy the rule that everyone who will step out of their homes must wear a mask. 

The apple does not seem to fall far from the tree it seems. Her mother Madonna made the headlines just recently after she was seen going to party of more than 8 people.

She also did not practice social distancing as she was clearly seen hugging the person celebrating his birthday who was photographer Steven Klein. There were reports that she left the UK to go to New York but no proof has been shown yet. 

What Madonna admitted was that she had actually suffered the coronavirus already, and this was during the time she was touring for Madame X. The said tour has had its mishaps, even getting canceled due to her knee injuries. 

The singer says she is no longer sick and even tested positive for the coronavirus antibodies. This prompted her to leave her house and stop doing social distancing. 

And now Rolling Stone reports that Madonna is one of the artists whose sensitive data may have been hacked. She is represented by Grubman Shire Mseiselas & Sacks and the media and entertainment firm confirmed that they have been a victim of a cyberattack.

Aside from Madonna, the other artists that are represented the firm include Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Idina Menzel, and Jessica Simpson. 

Aside from phone numbers and email addresses, the hackers may have also stolen personal correspondence and even contracts. 

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