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Meghan Allegedly Seething After Learning Diana’s Sapphire Ring Should’ve Belonged To Her

Meghan Markle is allegedly seething after learning that Princess Diana left her sapphire ring with Prince Harry as stated in her will. According to National Enquirer, Markle was seething when she found out that the sapphire ring shouldn’t have been given to Kate Middleton.

Years ago, Prince Harry decided to give the ring to Prince William when the latter decided to ask for Middleton’s hand in marriage. At that time, Prince Harry allegedly didn’t think that he would ever tie the knot.

But in 2017, the Duke of Sussex proposed to Markle. Unfortunately, he could no longer get Middleton’s engagement ring back so he gave Markle a custom-made one.

“It was Diana’s ring and Meghan just learned she left it to Harry in her will. Harry didn’t think he’d ever marry and gave it to his brother for Kate. Now, Meghan’s seething. She says that ring is rightfully Harry’s – and therefore hers. And she wants it,” the source said.

Prince Harry allegedly told Prince William that Markle deserves the ring, as well as Princess Diana’s other jewelry since the royal family froze them out. However, Prince William didn’t allegedly think so.

“He [Prince William] says it’s wrong that his mother’s precious gems have landed halfway around the world and wants the sparklers back. Even worse, the royal family fears Harry’s marriage won’t last – and if there’s a divorce, Meghan will sell Diana’s jewelry to the highest bidder,” the source said.

The insider also said that Markle and Prince Harry refused to return Princess Diana’s jewelry because they know that this is a sore point with Prince William and Middleton.

According to the source, Markle also has a strange fixation with Princess Diana, who passed away in 1997. A source claimed that Markle copied the Princess of Wales and she also watched videos of her before she dated Prince Harry.

“She’s even practiced posing like Di – a tilt of the head, a wave. After meeting Harry, she peppered palace aides with questions about his mother – and even admitted she’d modeled herself on Diana all her life. Meghan actually told a friend, ‘Diana and I are so much alike!’ It’s clear she believes, ‘I am the new Di,’” the source said.

The insider concluded the dubious story by saying that Markle won’t stop wearing Princess Diana’s jewelry and she won’t return them to the royal family.

However, one should take these claims with a grain of salt. Gossip Cop confirmed that Markle didn’t steal Princess Diana’s jewelry.

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