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Royal Insiders Reveal The True Cause of Meghan And Kate’s Rift In Tell-All Memoir

Royal family insiders are spilling the beans on Meghan Markle in a new memoir. The staff referred to Meghan behind her back as “Me-Gain, the Duchess of Difficult.”

This book isn’t going to be a glowing review of the often perceived bitter and ambitious wife of Prince Harry as it also highlights how Meghan Markle caused the rift with future Queen Kate Middleton.

New ‘Intimate Memoir’ On Royal Family 

Tom Quinn’s book Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir From Queen Mary to Meghan Markle is likely to enrage the former senior royal who is trying hard to make a Hollywood comeback. He interviewed numerous royal staffers who were there when Meghan and Harry called Kensington Palace home. 

Harry and William have always been close, so it’s natural that their wives would be as well. But, that wasn’t apparently the case as Meghan shouted at members of Kate’s staff.

Kate, who is beloved to many of the staff because she is not pretentious and hasn’t allowed the fame and fortune of being a royal get to her head, was quite upset that Meghan was derogatory towards the staff.

This led to Meghan and Harry’s departure from Kensington Palace to set up what ended up being very temporary roots in Windsor. 


‘What Meghan (Markle) Wants, Meghan Gets’

Meghan Markle apparently wanted to have it all.

The staff appeared to view her as a sort of Cruella de Ville who was intensely jealous that Kate would be Queen someday while she would never wear the crown. 

From The Daily Mail

‘Kate was horrified when Meghan shouted at a member of Kate’s staff — that was definitely the beginning of discussions about leaving Kensington Palace,’ the former servant continues. ‘Like many people not used to dealing with servants, Meghan overdoes the imperiousness; so on the one hand she wants to be like Diana, a people’s princess, and on the other she wants people to stand to attention when she clicks her fingers.’ From the viewpoint of many of the palace staff, she was the dominant partner in the marriage. As Harry has said himself: ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets’.

Meghan reportedly was not satisfied in Windsor as it was too remote for her liking. She wanted to be the center of attention. This could not be achieved at Windsor.

Fuel For Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Return

Perhaps this was the fuel that led to the couple’s resignation as senior royal life and subsequent relocation to Hollywood.

Meghan could get the attention she apparently craved so far away from Kate and William’s shadow.

The publisher of says the book Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan, and the Making of a Modern Royal Family “goes beyond the headlines to reveal unknown details of Harry and Meghan’s life together, dispelling the many rumors and misconceptions that plague the couple on both sides of the pond.”

The so-called Duchess of Difficult has a long way to go to combat the rumors about her incivility.

Meghan Markle’s reputation continues to take hits from which it may be hard to recover. 

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