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Meghan Markle Allegedly Adopted An African Girl After Visiting Two Orphanages

Meghan Markle allegedly adopted an African girl after visiting two orphanages.

Two years ago, Globe published a dubious story about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before they even tied the knot.

A source allegedly told the tabloid that Prince Harry and Markle adopted a 6-month-old baby girl.

“This will be a first for the royal family. Harry and Meghan are going to face a lot of opposition from the old guard,” the source said.

The insider also claimed in another story weeks later that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex picked George and Amal Clooney to be their daughter’s godparents.

Weeks earlier, National Enquirer published a similar story about Prince Harry and Markle adopting a baby. The tabloid claimed that the royal couple wants a large brood of biological and adopted multiracial children like Angelina Jolie.

A source said that Markle has always admired Jolie’s choice to adopt so she has decided to follow in her footsteps. Prince Harry is on board with Markle’s desire to adopt because he’s also a fan of Jolie’s choices.

However, the claims made by the tabloid should be taken with a grain of salt. According to Gossip Cop, Prince Harry and Markle have not adopted a baby girl or any other baby for that matter.

It doesn’t also make much sense for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to adopt a child before their wedding. And over a year after they tied the knot, they were blessed with an adorable son, Archie.

Meanwhile, Markle has also been at the center of countless pregnancy rumors. Last month, OK! magazine published a story suggesting that Markle is expecting baby number two with her husband.

The tabloid claimed that the royal couple will welcome their bundle of joy at the end of the year. Since their son is already 11 months old, the royal couple allegedly thinks that now is the best time to have another baby.

Weeks later, Markle reportedly dropped a clue about her pregnancy. While speaking with Daily Mail, one of her close friends said that the Duchess of Sussex wants Archie to have a playmate other than their dogs at home.

As of late, Markle has not yet announced her second pregnancy. And it is also unclear if she would ever make an announcement because she’s no longer considered as a working member of the royal family.

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