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Meghan Markle allegedly forced to testify, reveal shocking lies: report

Meghan Markle sued a British tabloid, but the case allegedly backfired, and she was forced to testify in her lawsuit.

Meghan Markle sued Mail on Sunday for publishing excerpts of her personal letters for her dad. According to a new report, the duchess shared shocking lies under oath.

Meghan Markle forced to testify in the lawsuit against U.K. tabloid

Meghan Markle has been the subject of another controversial report again. In Touch published a report claiming that she was forced to testify in her lawsuit.

In addition, Markle allegedly made shocking lies while under oath about the royal family.

Among the things, the tabloid mentioned for Markle’s possible testimony is her relationship with Kate Middleton.

An unnamed source even claimed that Markle could call out her sister-in-law for being a bigger liar than her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.


Report debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report for several reasons. First, the case won’t be heard in the court for months due to the pandemic.

Second, the claim about Markle opening up about her relationship with Kate Middleton is irrelevant for the privacy lawsuit. The Duchess of Cambridge has nothing to do with Markle’s lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday.

The rumor-debunking site believed that the report only mentioned Middleton to create a melodrama.

Also, Meghan Markle’s privacy case is about her letter for her dad that the tabloid published. It has nothing to do with Middleton, Prince William, or any other member of the royal family.

Meghan’s privacy lawsuit update

Meghan Markle lost the first round of her legal battle against the tabloid. The London judge dismissed her claims that the tabloid acted “dishonestly” by quoting passages of her letter.

Justice Markle Warby found the claim “vague and lacking in particulars.”

“The pleaded case as it stands is ‘embarrassing’ in the old sense that it places the defendant in an impossible position, whereby it cannot tell what case it has to meet,” Justice Warby added.

Although the judge ruled out the dishonest behavior claim, he recognized the claim for breach of privacy and copyright. The duchess’ legal counsel insisted that the tabloid violated her rights and should be accountable.

Meanwhile, Mark Stephens, a partner at London law firm Howard Kennedy, advised Markle to settle and walk away.

Otherwise, the letter and her rift with her father would be examined under oath. The process will be humiliating and will only give her the worse outcome.

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