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Meghan Markle Allegedly Ready To Call Kate Middleton A ‘Bigger Liar’

Meghan Markle could allegedly be called to testify against her dad, Thomas Markle Sr. and this could expose the royal family’s dirty laundry.

According to In Touch Weekly, the Duchess of Sussex has no problem destroying the royal family because of how they treated her. And until today, she cannot forget the preferential treatment that Middleton has been receiving.

A source told the tabloid that it wouldn’t be surprising if Markle calls out Middleton for being a bigger liar than Thomas Sr. The source said that Middleton offered to help Markle navigate her new royal life but she left her flailing in the end.

The insider also said that if Markle would testify in court, she may be asked to comment on some of the royal family’s issues and secrets. And it would be a huge shock to the public if they find out that she and Prince Harry were the ones leaking their secrets.

According to the source, Queen Elizabeth is nervous that skeletons will come tumbling out of the closet in the courtroom.

“Meghan could theoretically be asked about all of that and more of the royals’ shocking lies and scandals when she’s under oath. The last thing the queen needs is for her family’s dirty laundry to be aired to the world,” the source said.

Prince Harry allegedly finds himself caught in between Markle and the royal family. The Duke of Sussex is stressed and terrified because the things that he said and did could be spun and taken out of context if his wife is cross-examined.

“This lawsuit could really backfire and cause a major setback for Meghan and Harry just as they’re trying to start this new, more independent life in LA – their lives would have been much easier if they had just settled this out of court. But now, their stubborn determination could ruin them – and take their family down as well,” the source concluded.

Prince Harry and Markle filed a lawsuit against two British tabloids for publishing the latter’s handwritten letters to her dad. However, the High Court refused to listen to her claims that the defendants deliberately tried to spark tension between her and her dad.

Rather, a judge said that they will only weigh whether the publication of Markle’s handwritten letter breached her copyright and data protection laws. Markle was reportedly shocked and humiliated after losing the first round against the publications.

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