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Meghan Markle Dubbed ‘Duchess Of Success’ Before Marrying Prince Harry

Meghan Markle was recently dubbed as a Duchess of Success by a royal fan who said that her life was better before she married Prince Harry.

On Twitter, one journalist uploaded a transcript of the Duke of Sussex’s heartbreaking speech earlier this week. Twitter user @BlessPlease responded to the post in defense of Markle.

“Re: #MeghanMarkle #DuchessOfSussex She was #DuchessOfSuccess before meeting #PrinceHarry and has been racially profiled, treated like a criminal and animal while pregnant! Hope she will soon use her own powerful educated voice and speak to her experiences,” the royal fan wrote.

“So, I have to wonder if people who hate Meghan realize how dumb they sound. She only wants to use the royal family name for money and power, so to further that goal… She’s forcing her husband to cut ties with his family… The family she’s using to gain power and money?” Twitter user @Bolverk13 said.

“Blaming Meghan is to disrespect both Harry and Meghan. So sick of the backlash they’ve received. They are doing this out of love for their son, their marriage, themselves and their family. This relieves everybody of the stress staying would engender,” Twitter user @TruBluBrewCru said.

Meanwhile, some royal fans continued to criticize Markle after she was photographed walking her dogs while carrying her 8-month-old son, Archie in Canada.

“Someone please show Meghan Markle how to put poor Archie in the baby carrier – she has no idea,” Twitter user @MummyRossiter said.

“Archie looks uncomfortable – maybe one of Meghan’s armed guards could give her a hand with the pup… just saying,” Twitter user @thewriterme said.

“Holding the baby poorly (our prince),” Twitter user @Ritahntaori said.

“Poor love must be uncomfortable,” Twitter user @someonehadto1 said.

Markle’s photo indeed shows Archie looking uncomfortable in his sleep. However, the Duchess of Sussex is still smiling from ear to ear while being photographed by the paparazzi.

As of late, it is still unclear when Markle will return to London.

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